Graham & Townley Productions are seeking to develop a new model of theatre funding and community building using Web3 technologies to secure the long-term health of the theatre and live performance sectors.

For its first project they are launching The Viking NFT, to fund the future development of Blodlina – The Viking Musical, it’s one hour proof of concept delighted audiences and received rave reviews at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022.

The Viking NFT is a series of unique digital artworks is a series of digital artworks.

Sales of the NFT will directly fund the theatrical production and the success of the production will increase the value of the NFT.

Much like conventional theatre angels, the community of NFT holders will be associated with the show throughout its developmental journey. NFT holders will also be offered exclusive benefits only possible through an NFT.

Theatre funding, both public and private, is in crisis. Could this innovative NFT project provide a creative solution to this financial storm?